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Diamond Gloss

Why You Should Diamond® Gloss Your Vehicle

Diamond Gloss Paint ProtectionDiamond Gloss uses state-of-the-art technology to seal and protect your vehicles paint finish.  Not to be confused with the typical over the counter carnauba wax, silicon polishes or even Teflon sealants.  Diamond Gloss is a Ziebart proprietary technology for automotive paint finishes that never dulls and never needs waxing.  It actually coats your paint finish to act as a protective shield.  This shield is so tough and smooth, the same type of chemical technology is used on aircraft to reduce wind drag while improving the ease of cleaning engine residue from the fuselage.  Diamond Gloss paint coating is designed to benefit both new and pre-owned vehicle paint finishes.


Diamond Gloss Keeps Your Vehicle Looking Showroom-New All Year Long

  • Protects your paint against aging, premature oxidation, weathering and even acid rain
  • Brings out your vehicle's original shine and luster.  Some customers say it gives their vehicle a wet look after application.
  • Never dulls and never needs waxing for an entire year
  • Protects the value of your vehicle while it protects the finish
  • Backed by Ziebart's exclusive national warranty program from a company you've counted on for the past 50 years
  • Diamond Gloss is an exclusive product of Ziebart International Corporation and is only available at your local Ziebart.  So don't be fooled by imposters, it's available at Ziebart and no where else.


Diamond Gloss Is The Toughest Paint Protection On The Planet

Protects your vehicles paint from the effects of:

  • Acid Rain
  • Damaging UV Rays
  • Salt
  • Water Spotting
  • Bird Droppings
  • Pollution
  • Bug Splatters
  • Tree Sap
  • Mud & Dirt


We Bring Your Vehicles Shine Back To Showroom-New, Then Lock It In

When you purchase Diamond Gloss you get more than paint protection! 

  1. We thoroughly clean your vehicle's exterior right down to the microscopic pours of the paint, removing all contaminants.
  2. Then we machine buff it to a brilliant shine.
  3. Then we detail every curve with a micro-fiber cloth to remove all the dirt, even in those hard to see areas.
  4. Only after your vehicle is looking spectacular do we apply the Diamond Gloss, which locks in that shine and provides a seal that not only protects your paint, but also enhances its shine and luster.  And, we top it off with a rain repellant window treatment for your windshield, and clean and dress your wheels and tires.


When it comes to protecting your vehicles finish and keeping it looking showroom-new, accept nothing less than Ziebart's exclusive Diamond Gloss paint protection.


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